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Physical Environments

An Evolving Role for Health Promoters in the Kyoto Protocol Era


I Introduction

II Climate Change

III The Impacts of Climate Change

IV The Kyoto Protocol

V Other International Agreements

VI The Changing Role of Health Promoters Post-ratification

VII Conclusion

VIII References

- by Ravi Mark Singh

Ravi Mark Singh is a program manager with the Energy Action Council of Toronto (EnerACT). He manages EnerACT's Smart Steps, Simple Solutions program ( Smart Steps, Simple Solutions celebrates the power of the individual and introduces the concept of Smart Living: taking control of life in every possible way, saving money, making your home more comfortable and reducing your impact on your health and your environment.

Make Your Workplace a Healthy Workplace!


I Introduction

II Healthy Workplace Week

III The Five-Day Revive-and-Thrive Challenge

IV NQI's Roadmap to a Healthy Workplace

Submitted by Cortney Anderson, Marketing Coordinator, National Quality Institute (NQI). The NQI is an independent, not-for-profit organization committed to enhancing Canada's national well being and global leadership through the adoption of management principles and practices that reinforce and sustain excellence in all sectors of our economy.


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