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Income and Social Status

Health Canada: Health Promotion Development


  The resources page of the Health Promotion Development Online (Health Canada) provides online access to several publications of interest to those involved in HP, including:

Community Assessment of Homeless Youth


NOTE: Melanie Ebos writes this week's feature. Melanie is a graduating Occupational and Public Health student (a.k.a. Environmental Health Program) at Ryerson Polytechnic University. This community assessment/situational analysis was done in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the course ENH 816 - Health Promotion: Planning and Evaluation. Melanie participated in the February 1999 Charette on Street Youth in Toronto, with about fifty students from eight discipline-specific schools within the Faculty of Community Services. (This feature is seven pages long, including 8 references and could be obtained from Lorraine Telford who taught the course

The Emergency Declaration of Homelessness as a National Disaster - The ONE PERCENT SOLUTION


A. Introduction on the One Percent Solution from Toronto Disaster Relief Committee

B. Letter on the Letter Writing Campaign, from Cathy Crowe, R.N.

C. Background on A National Housing Strategy

D. Background on Homelessness

E. How to Write Your Letter

F. Implications for all levels of government as stated in the Golden Report

Best Start's Workplace Health Initiatives


A. Introduction to Best Start - Community Action for Healthy Babies

B. Best Start's Workplace Health Initiatives

1. Pregnancy Friendly Workplace Initiative & Recommendations

2. Work & Pregnancy Do Mix [booklet] & Recommendations

3. Workplace Health Promotion & Recommendations

C. Best Start Resources

Best Start Resource Centre; Consultations; Community Sites

Posters & Booklets; Recommended References


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