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Last week we included a job posting for a Project Manager, Seniors' Mental Health and Home Care, Canadian Mental Health Association, National Office. Please note that the submission deadline is November 15, 2001.

This week's feature is "Three Ways to Plan a Website," and we thank CharityVillage for their kind permission to reprint Gillian Kerr's excellent article.


Call for Presentations: 24th Annual Guelph Conference and Training Institute on Sexuality


The conference theme is Healthy Sexuality: Expanding Knowledge, Broadening Perspectives. Complete details of the call for presentations can be found at the conference website at or send an email to request a copy of the call to

RFP: Toronto Cancer Prevention Coalition, Early Detection/Screening Working Group


Purpose of the Proposal and Goal of the Project:

The purpose of the Request for Proposal (RFP) is to secure a writer to reshape a document based on the research of the Toronto Cancer Prevention Coalition's Early Detection/Screening Working Group. This document surveyed barriers to screening for women's cancers among the population of Central East Region, best practices from the literature, and the results of key informant interviews regarding recruitment to early detection programs. The document is titled Understanding Issues Related to Screening for Breast and Cervical Cancer and the Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer.

Mandate and Challenges:

Reducing mortality from breast, cervical and ovarian cancer by increasing early detection is a major goal of the Early Detection/Screening Working Group of the Toronto Cancer Prevention Coalition (TCPC). In addition, screening for breast and cervical cancer is a major public health goal in Ontario as outlined by The Mandatory Health Programs and Services Guidelines (1997:19).

The Research Study:

An initial research study was commissioned in November 1999 by the Early Detection/Screening Working Group with funds from the Toronto Cancer Prevention Coalition.

* A demographic review to produce a profile of the populations available for screening and early detection in the GTA/Central East.

* A literature review and environmental scan of agencies and individuals involved in screening/early detection in the catchment area to identify barriers to access, both personal and systemic, of the populations identified.

* A review and evaluative analysis of strategies employed by agencies and partners to increase screening/early detection in the catchment area.

* A review of evaluated programs and policies from other jurisdictions and a critical analysis of their efficacy for increasing screening/early detection among the female population in the GTA/Central East.

* A draft with recommendations for addressing population, policy and program priorities in order to increase screening/early detection for women's cancers in the GTA/Central East.

Proposed Steps for Reshaping the Document:

The Toronto Cancer Prevention Coalition is seeking a writer to put together the extensive research that has been carried out into a final document that will be printed and widely distributed by the Toronto Cancer Prevention Coalition. Some updating of the research will be required.

The document should be organized in the following four broad areas:

* What is currently happening with regard to screening/early detection in each of the areas of breast, cervical and ovarian cancer;

* What barriers exist;

* What strategies are in place for screening/early detection, with an analysis of their effectiveness;

* Suggested solutions.

The central part of the paper should clearly identify barriers and strategies related to each of breast, cervical and ovarian cancer.

Key Deliverables:

Writer must

* Collaborate with the coordinating team of the TCPC.

* Provide bi-weekly updates.

* Write final report.

Description of the Core Competencies Required for the Writer:

* Excellent research, communications (written, oral, listening), and critical analysis skills

* Knowledge of the subject area and the networks of community-based and institutional partners working in the subject area

* Cultural sensitivity and knowledge of health promotion and the determinants of health; in particular of access and equity issues that may act as systemic barriers to screening

* Understanding of policy development and the role of decision makers including major cancer institutions and not-for-profit organizations, in implementing policy

* The ability to work with different stakeholders in a broadly-based coalition with a comprehensive cancer prevention mandate.

Respondents are Asked to Provide:

* Sample research papers

* References


The budget for this project is $7,400.00 including GST.

Interested applicants are requested to submit their resume along with a letter of interest to

Valerie Hepburn, Senior Coordinator

Toronto Cancer Prevention Coalition

277 Victoria St., Suite 203

Toronto, ON M5B 1W2

Fax: (416) 392-1357


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