Health Promoter (Level II), Brant County Health Unit

Brantford, Ontario
Deadline June 6, 2013

Online Resources Related to Feature 740

TC LHIN Health Equity section of the website includes reports and publications related to its health equity initiatives including the Equity Action Plan and Hospital Health Equity Plans:

The Wellesley Institute engages in research, policy and community mobilization to advance population health. News, policy information, research and resources are available at

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The Infopack Priority Setting Process Checklist can be found at

The Infopack Health Communication Outcomes: At the Heart of Good Outcome Objectives and Indicators can be found at

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Alcohol Policy Network’s online services are devoted to Canadian alcohol policy issues. The site includes information packs, laws and polices, resources, and a listserv:

Alcohol and Community-based Violence: A Systematic Review is available on the APN site at

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Top blog articles about training and rehab

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Smoking and the Bottom Line: Updating the Costs of Smoking in the Workplace outlines the costs of tobacco use to employers and makes the business case for helping employees quit. Developed by the Conference Board of Canada.

Building on our Gains, Taking Action Now:  Ontario’s Tobacco Control Strategy for 2011 – 2016. Report from the Tobacco Strategy Advisory Group.  October 2010.

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June Holley’s network weaver website explores the key dynamics in creating healthy communities. June has been weaving economic and community networks for more than 25 years. Her website includes network services, training centre, resources, a blog, and the paper Building Smart Communities through Network Weaving which investigates building sustainable communities through improving their connectivity.  She also talks about weaving people, ideas and projects on YouTube at

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Resources for Public Health Professionals

The Alcohol Policy Network website includes information for reducing harm from alcohol through alcohol policies. Its online services are devoted exclusively to Canadian alcohol policy issues. This site is designed to stimulate informed discussion about various aspects of alcohol policy, and to profile prevention efforts and successes of groups across Ontario.

Teleconference Material

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25 in 5 Network for Poverty Reduction

The network's website includes research and resources, publications, poverty in the media and e-bulletins.

Campaign 2000

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