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Rethinking Our Economic Systems: A Green Economy Perspectives Forum, Sustainability Network


Toronto, Ontario
April 5, 2017

5:00-6:00 p.m.
Centre for Social Innovation, Meeting Room D, 192 Spadina Avenue

Join us for a candid and critical conversation with author and venture capitalist Andrew Heintzman as we continue to solicit perspectives on the green economy.

How does our economic system need to change in a world that faces growing threats of climate change, peak oil, and resource scarcity?
Economic Literacy for a Green Economy

15th Annual Education Program for Immunization Competencies, Canadian Paediatric Society


Toronto, Ontario
April 1, 2017

Immunization is a complex field, and vaccines are being given by a growing number and wider range of health professionals. The CPS is an experienced leader in this area, and has provided interdisciplinary education to thousands of learners since 2002.

This one-day course provides an overview of competencies developed by a national consensus-for frontline immunization providers. It's open to physicians, nurses, pharmacists and residents.

Traumatic Growth Writing Workshop, CAST Canada


Kingston, Ontario
March 31, 2017

1:00-4:30 p.m.
St John's Anglican Church

Transforming Trauma is a workshop designed to assist helping professionals looking for tools to address personal stress stemming from work related circumstances.  We'll craft metaphor to approach vicarious traumas, put transference in parentheses, and find poetic potential in the mundane.  Each list tells a story.



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