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Violence Prevention

Media Literacy


OHPE Bulletin #37.1 January 16, 1998

A. What is Media Literacy? Why is it Important

B. A Brief History of Media Literacy in Canada

C. Media Literacy Organizations & Web-sites

1. Media Awareness Network

2. MediaWatch Canada

3. The Jesuit Communication Project

4. Assoc. for Media Literacy (Ontario)

5. Alliance for Children & Television (ACT)

6. Adbusters

7. Regional Activities - Media Aware of Barrie

8. U.S. - Media Literacy Online Project (UOregon)

This feature has been compiled and prepared by Suzanne Schwenger of the Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse. Suzanne notes that she was particularly inspired by the presentation of Media Aware Barrie at last week's Best Start conference in Toronto. She then researched the great variety of organizations and their web-sites to prepare this special feature. We are grateful for her many comprehensive and timely contributions to the Ontario Health Promotion Email Bulletin.


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