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Mental Health

Mind the connection: Preventing stroke and dementia


-- Submitted by Dr. Patrice Lindsay and Stephanie Lawrence, Heart and Stroke Foundation

Stroke and dementia — it’s all in our heads

Stroke and dementia have much in common. Both are diseases of the brain. Stroke happens when the blood flow to the brain is interrupted and cells die as a result. Vascular dementia is often a further result of stroke damage, from either larger strokes or smaller ones accumulating over time.

Conference - Mental Health and Substance Use Forum for Schools, Colleges & Universities


Toronto, Ontario
June 4&5, 2014

Enhance student well-being and safety. Identify co-occurring substance use and mental health problems

Early detection of mental health illness is crucial in preventing substance use and mental health problems from continuing into adulthood. Improve your understanding of concurrent disorders to transform your school's culture and improve student mental well-being.

Webinar: Mental Health in Cities: The Role of Cultural Continuity for Aboriginal Peoples


February 18, 2014

11:30am-12:30pm EST (Toronto Time)

The Social Aetiology of Mental Illness [SAMI] training program is pleased to bring you the following free webinars. Please join us!

Paula Goering Collaborative Research and Knowledge Translation Award Now Accepting Applications


Deadline: March 4, 2014

Paula Goering Award Now Accepting Applications!

The Paula Goering Collaborative Research and Knowledge Translation Award recognizes an innovative researcher- decision-maker collaborative research project for Integrated Knowledge Translation in the area of mental health and addictions. The $2000 award is named in recognition of Dr. Paula Goering's wide-ranging and significant contributions to the field of mental health services research in Canada and internationally, including advancements in the field of knowledge translation.

Two Articles from National Collaborating Centres: Advancing Population Mental Health and Telling the Health Equity Story through Population Heath Status Reporting


Advancing Population Mental Health was submitted by Pascale Mantoura of the National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy.

Telling the Health Equity Story through Population Heath Status Reporting was submitted by Hannah Moffatt, Lesley Dyck, and Pemma Muzumdar of the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health.

One: Advancing Population Mental Health 


Minding Our Bodies: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Mental Health



I Summary
II Background: From Policy to Practice
III Influencing Behaviour Change
IV Project Goals
V Gathering the Evidence
VI Getting the Word Out
VII Seed Funding to Support New Programs
VIII Broadening Our Scope
IX Project Evaluation
X Next Steps
XI Related Resources

-- submitted by Scott Mitchell, Director, Knowledge Transfer, Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario

I Summary

Growing People First: Emerging Best Practices from a Mental Health and Gardening Knowledge Swap



I Introduction
II Background
III Process
IV Examples of gardening and mental health programs
V Best practices
VI Evidence
VII Evaluation
VIII Next steps
IX Conclusion
X References and resources

-- Submitted by Linor David, BSc, Health Promoter- Central Toronto Community Health Centres

I Introduction


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