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The Ontario Tobacco Research Unit

"The Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (OTRU) is an Ontario-based research network that is recognized as a Canadian leader in tobacco control research, monitoring and evaluation, teaching and training and as a respected source of science based information on tobacco control."

"Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health in 1993, and later by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Ministry of Health Promotion as the research component of the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy, OTRU's mandate is to
1. Exercise leadership in the design and conduct of research projects
2. Increase Ontario's capacity to conduct research, monitoring and evaluation
3. Monitor programs and activities conducted under the auspices of the Ontario Tobacco Strategy
4. Provide advice and technical expertise on program evaluation and best practices
5. Analyze and disseminate science-based information for the research and public health 6. Strengthen and broaden our provincial, national and international network of researchers, programmers and policymakers."  [from]

OTRU conducts the monitoring, research, and evaluation component of the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy.