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Welcome to the All New OPC Website

OPC has overhauled its website to make its resources more accessible and serve you better! With better-organized information, new features, and added sections, it has never been easier to find the health promotion information you need!

New sections

  • News room--keeps you updated with our media activity and coverage.
  • Events--notifies you of all the events -past and upcoming- organized by OPC and its programs.
  • Healthy public policy--has you informed about our efforts to advocate policies that encourage healthy choices.
  • Collaborative projects--brings to you the health promotion initiatives we worked on in partnership with other organizations.

Smart features

  • For our new visitors, we created a brief animated introduction to OPC and its programs and services on our homepage.
  • Our "web links" section guides you through the different areas of health promotion expertise and connects you with resources and organizations working on your specific topic.
  • A chronology tells the story of Ontario's longest standing health promotion organization.

Less searching, more finding!

  • The search function is your shortcut to find relevant information on our website.
  • A drop-down menu facilitates access to our programs and projects' websites.
  • From our homepage, you are one click away from the latest issue of our e-bulletins and latest posting on our blog.