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Project Coordinator, Best Practices in Diabetes Prevention Project, West End Urban Health Alliance

Part-time Contract till April, 2004

The Best Practices in Diabetes Prevention Project is three-year project of the West End Urban Health Alliance (WEUHA), funded by Health Canada to work with community members in the development of culturally appropriate diabetes prevention strategies for the Caribbean, Polish, Spanish and Vietnamese communities in west Toronto. The Project Coordinator is responsible for the overall coordination, implementation and evaluation of the project and reports to the WEUHA Nutrition Steering Committee. Specific duties include

* Researching best practices in health promotion relevant to the four communities

* Developing and carrying out an evaluation plan for the 3 year project

* Recruiting, supervising, training and supporting four community facilitators

* Managing the process for four ethno-specific community advisory committees

* Developing and implementing the health communication campaign for each community

* Developing and piloting a diabetes education program for each community, including developing all participant resources and a facilitators guide in English

* Preparing reports for the steering committee and the funder as required, including a final report

* Managing the project budget

* Ensuring good communication with all stakeholders including the Steering Committee, community facilitators, community advisory committees and funder

Skills and Knowledge required for the position include

* Graduate degree in health sciences, health promotion, social work, community nutrition or a combination of related professional experience and education

* Proven project management ability, including budget management

* Demonstrated experience in community based research and program planning

* Experience in developing and conducting evaluation frameworks and specifications and knowledge of qualitative and quantitative methodologies

* Working knowledge of diabetes prevention strategies and healthy lifestyles

* Understanding of best practices in health promotion/diabetes prevention

* Knowledge of and practice with adult education models or training

* Experience in supervising and mentoring staff

* Experience in working with diverse populations

* Excellent computer skills including word processing and statistical programs

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills

* Excellent interpersonal, time management, problem solving and organizational skills

Salary: $37,471 per year pro-rated

Duration: September, 2001 - April 30, 2004

Hours: 15 - 21 hours per week

Please forward your resume and a cover letter by Friday August 3rd, 2001 to

WEUHA Project Steering Committee

c/o Access Alliance Multicultural Community Health Centre

340 College Street, Suite 500

Toronto, ON M5T 3A9

Fax: (416) 324-9074