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Focus Group Leader,


Department of Occupational Therapy, University of Toronto

Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

Start Date: mid July or as soon thereafter as possible (10 groups between July and October, 2001)

Qualifications: experience leading qualitative focus groups: comfort with seniors, or being a senior

Skills: good interpersonal skills; ability to lead the groups using pre-set question guidelines; ability to use probes to prompt discussion and engage participants, and to complete sessions on time

Description of Tasks:

* To run 10 focus groups (ranging in length from one-and-a half to two hours): 2 sessions with general practitioners, 3 with pre-seniors who are driving, 3 with seniors who are driving, and 3 with seniors who have stopped driving.

* To provide a set of notes outlining your own observations following each group (no detailed report required).

* To provide input regarding effectiveness of questions and potential revisions.

* Groups will be held at the convenience of the participants, so flexibility of focus group leader in scheduling is required. The places where the groups are held will also vary according to the composition of the particular groups.

Rate: $100.00 per group.

Time Period: focus groups will occur once a week (on average) during July, August, September and October.

Location: if not elsewhere, 256 McCaul Street, Department of Occupational Therapy.

To Apply: Please send cover letter outlining your experience by e-mail to our Project Co-ordinator [email protected] or [email protected] or by fax to Helena Medeiros at (416) 978-4363.

Alternatively, by mail to

Dr. J. Friedland

Department of Occupational Therapy

256 McCaul Street

Toronto, Ontario M5T 1W5