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The Men and Boys Program of the Family Action Centre (Australia)

"Since the Men and Boys Program was set up in 1996 (initially as The Men's Health Project), men's and boys' well being has become a broad community concern reaching into areas of education, juvenile justice, cancer screening, fathering and suicide. The three strands, which make up the Men and Boys Program are:

1) Boyswork - working with schools and with boys to improve health and

education outcomes Boys' behaviours and attitudes are increasingly being regarded as serious problems in our community. Boys low levels of literacy and poor academic achievement are being highlighted alongside traditional concerns with aggression and risk taking. A strategic development in all of these areas is to find ways of dealing with boys, individually and in-groups, which recognises the importance of male identity. This requires knowledge about boys and men. It also requires skill development. The seminars, resources, post graduate and training courses offered throughout Australia are an important aspect of the program's work.

2) The FatherCare Initiative - encouraging positive father involvement in communities

3) Improving Young Mens' Health - research and teaching for better health"