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Resources from The Self-Help Resource Centre

* "When New Life Arrives"

This short article from the Self-Help Ontario newsletter (Fall 2003) illustrates health promoters' uses of self-help/peer support strategies in different areas of maternal, infant and family health promotion. The article is available online at

* "Working with Health Promotion's Informal Economy"

An article from the Self-Help Resource Centre based on a workshop held in June 2003 at the annual conference of the Ontario Association of Health Centres, this document includes definitions, discussion notes, concluding tips, and further resources. It is available online at

* "Integrating Self-Help Strategies in your Health Promotion Work"

This is a new factsheet published by the Self-Help Resource Centre that outlines the key elements of self-help/peer support and offers concrete examples of ways health promotion professionals can integrate these elements in diverse aspects of their work. Other factsheets published by SHRC include "Self-Help and Health Promotion," "Tips for the Helping Professional," "Self-Help 101," and "Confidentiality in Self-Help Groups." Factsheets can be ordered free of charge from (416) 487-4355/1-888-283-8806 or They can also be downloaded from

* Self-Help/Peer Support Programs Related to Maternal, Newborn and Family Health Contact List

This contact list prepared by Best Start Resource Centre and Self-Help Resource Centre is designed to help helping professionals locate programs in Ontario that use self-help and peer support strategies to promote maternal, infant and family health. The listing of 88 programs is organized by issue area under a variety of headings. It is currently available in print only, but will soon be available online as well. To order a copy, email or call the Self-Help Resource Centre at (416) 487-4355.

* "Highlights of Research on Self-Help/Peer Support Programs in the Area of Maternal, Infant and Family Health"

Published by BSRC and SHRC (2004) , this document summarizes the findings of the literature scan conducted as part the joint initiative of BSRC and SHRC. The document is available free of charge from (416) 487-4355/1-888-283-8806 or It can also be downloaded from