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Related OHPE Bulletins on using Information Technology

* Bulletin 64, Jul 28, 1998: Health Promotion & Information Technology (IT) By Shawn Chirrey

Information Technology (IT), in all of its forms (i.e., telecommunications tools in general and Internet applications in particular, such as web pages, e-mail, listservs, and chat/discussion groups), has a plethora of uses and implications for the field of health promotion. The uses and applications range from IT as a means of information exchange for professionals in the field to that of a potential tool for promoting health in communities and the public.

* Bulletin 7, Jun 13, 1997: Using the Web to Engage Teens in Health Promotion

Since 1995, the TeenNet Project, coordinated by the Department of Behavioural Science, University of Toronto, has worked with youth to develop an interactive Web site called CyberIsle. CyberIsle components relate to a wide range of teen health and lifestyle issues, with a particular focus on smoking prevention and information is presented in a non-judgmental, fun environment through games, quizzes, simulation and peer discussions.