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Community Guide - Guide to Community Preventive Services

The content of the Community Guide, led by the Task Force on Community Preventive Services, is based on systematic reviews of available evidence of effectiveness for selected community or "population based" interventions for improving health behaviors, reducing specific diseases, disabilities, injuries and impairments, and addressing

environmental and ecosystem challenges.

Based on the systematic reviews, the Guide provides a list of selected interventions, categorizing them as Strongly recommended, Recommended, or Insufficient Evidence. Downloadable articles based on the systematic reviews are available for Vaccine- preventable Diseases, Reducing Tobacco Use, Reducing Injury to Motor Vehicle Occupants, Diabetes, Promoting Physical Activity (more will be available as time goes on). Provides search function by key word, or, in "interventions database," by menu choice (Topic & Recommendation; Populations; Settings; Intervention Type, Implementer, Target & Outcome; Diseases, injuries, and disabilities) and links to other websites and sources of