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Addiction Research Foundation - Canada

The Addiction Research Foundation [now part of the Centre for Addictions & Mental Health] provides an extensive listing of information resources on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. online access to the library catalogue, audio-visual subject lists , statistics on alcohol use in Ontario, bibliographies, staff publications, and links to alcohol-related organizations online. Of particular interest are the online public information materials and information packages, in particular, "Women, Alcohol & Other Drugs". This information package outlines the effects of drinking on women's health, the connections between addiction in women and depressive and anxiety disorders and low self-esteem, the extensive barriers to treatment that women face. It provides a profile of the types of women at risk, and calls for more research on gender roles and social interactions, multiple substance use studies, and gender-focused longitudinal studies.

[entered 10/01/99 OHPE #125.2]