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Medical Matrix - Internet Consumer Health Resources

Medical Matrix,, offers the "Internet Consumer Health Resources List". The ranks in this list are based on a resource's ability to support and enhance consumers' interaction with experts in a complex, scientifically-based healthcare system. Medical Matrix has emphasized sites that provide disease-specific information that can assist a patient in asking appropriate questions during a health provider encounter. The Medical Matrix Code of Conduct and Ranking Criteria for Medical Documents,, have been applied. [from Gary Malet,]

These measurements consider:

1. Point of Care Application

2. Dimension

3. Peer Review

4. Hierarchical Knowledge

5. Authority

6. Currency

7. Conflicts of Interest

8. Navigation

Medical Matrix 1998 Internet Consumer Health Resources List



Search and browse access to U.S. government sponsored fact sheets on healthcare and diseases.

Pathfinder's Thrive Health*****qUjjQYAbZV2twja/thrive/health/lookitup.html

Users enter query terms and retrieve fact sheets and article summaries on disease conditions, drugs, and surgical procedures.

Patient Education Documents at Healthtouch****

An extensive list of specialty and disease categorized single page patient education documents derived from professional organizations.

Onhealth Consumer Health***

An A to Z list and search interface for fact sheets on common conditions and drug products. IVI Publishing.


Health Notes from Your Family Physician****

Offers disease categorized patient education documents for common medical concerns. American Academy of Family Physicians.

Infonet Drug and Disease Information***

Information on pharmaceuticals for both health professionals and consumers. Accessible by brand name, generic name, manufacturer and therapeutic class.

MedicineNet Patient Documents***

A medical reference for common diseases and treatments in easy-to-understand language updated by medical experts.