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Information London-Seniors

This site is incredibly rich in information and links to a huge variety of services, organizations, activities and events of interest to seniors in the London area of Ontario.

One of the links is to a detailed guide book developed by the Seniors Information Network. Their introduction states:

"Providing the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date community information to seniors in the counties of Elgin, Huron, Middlesex, Perth Oxford, and the city of London."

The Seniors Information Network is a non-profit group established in 1990 for the purpose of providing seniors information across the counties of Elgin, Huron, Middlesex, Oxford and Perth. Through the

standardization and implementation of information management policies and procedures, the Network provides comprehensive and accurate seniors information to seniors, government agencies, service providers, and community planners. Since its beginnings, members of the Network have worked diligently towards creating a professional information service that can play a pivotal role in ensuring that seniors, service providers and community planners fulfil community needs. This aim is accomplished through the dedication of its members and the sharing of expertise, experience and responsibility.

As well, the Seniors Information Network produces a Community Resource Handbook in electronic and print form:

Other Seniors Resources links:

Ontario Government sites:

Government of Ontario, Seniors' Information Sources

Ontario Office of the Minister Responsible for Seniors

Ontario Ministry of Citizenship

Ontario Ministry of Finance, Pension Commission of Ontario.

Ontario Ministry of Health

Ontario Ministry of Health. Long Term Care