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Quality Of Life On The Internet

Currently, The Quality of Life Research Unit, Centre for Health Promotion is developing their own home page, which will detail all their quality of life work.

Besides the work on quality of life at the Centre for Health Promotion's Quality Of Life Research Unit, there are numerous other quality of life projects around the world. There are also numerous ways of measuring quality of life, depending on the specific interest of those doing the measuring. Many of these can be accessed through the internet. A good place to start on the internet, for a general look at the broad array of quality of life approaches and measures, is: This site will lead you in many interesting directions.

One term you will hear about once you begin to explore quality of life is health-related quality of life. This term usually refers to the relationship between the overall quality of one's life and disease, health, or functional ability. For example, health-related quality of life might focus on the impact of cancer on a person's life, or how a

person's life has changed when she is no longer able to walk but has to use a wheelchair. A quick and general measure was developed by Nancy Avis at the New England Research Institutes. Info is available at A scale that is well-known and quite widely used in health-related quality of life is the SF-36, developed by John Ware at the New England Medical Center in Boston. This scale does not ask directly about quality of life, but rather is a measure of general health and functioning. You can read about the

SF-36 - and even try it out - at

For more information on the work of the Quality of Life Research Unit contact, by email,,, or

Submitted by: Ivan Brown, Senior Researcher, Quality of Life Research Unit, Centre for Health Promotion