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Hiring Workshops from Healthy Futures

Looking to make better hiring decisions? Check out this unique pair of workshops being offered at Family Services Association of Toronto on May 10. Costs are morning only $49 plus GST, afternoon only $69 plus GST, full day $119 plus GST.

* Hiring for Keeps: Attracting & Selecting Ideal Employees (1/2 Day, Morning)

What would it be worth to your organization to be confident you could hire the right people... the first time... every time? Using an approach called criteria-based recruiting you can be sure you are doing what it takes to hire for keeps. This workshop outlines the full recruitment and hiring process, from determining job requirements and criteria to presenting the offer. Participants will learn the principles of criteria-based recruiting and how to design an effective process.. And, you'll have an opportunity to discuss the use of assessment tools, decision-making approaches, reference checks and other tricky elements of the process. By participating in this workshop individuals will improve your organization's hiring practices by:

* Assessing your current recruitment practices and identifying specific improvements you can make

* Designing hiring processes that put the focus on success-critical criteria every step of the way

* Developing reference questions that ensure that you can make hiring decisions with confidence

* Knowing that you've hired the right person and why, and where to focus your initial development efforts

Note: to get the most out of this session, participants are encouraged to bring current job descriptions and recent postings from their organizations.

* Behavioural Interviewing: Getting to What Matters (1/2 Day, Afternoon)

Hone up those interview skills and Get Hiring--the right folks! A natural follow-up to Hiring for Keeps, this workshop teaches how to design and conduct interviews that effectively assess job-related skills and behaviours. Featuring the video, More Than a Gut Feeling III, the session promotes in-depth learning of the most effective and well-respected approach to employment interviews. Participants will observe and discuss behavioural interviews, learn the key concepts and principles, and have the opportunity to try out new skills and receive feedback. As a result of this workshop participants will be able to enhance organizational hiring effectiveness by learning

* How to structure and conduct an interview.

* How to construct relevant and job-related interview questions

* How to probe for more information and to seek contrary evidence

* How to avoid the most common legal pitfalls of employment interviewing

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