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Letters to the Editor and Comings and Goings, April 2004

I Introduction

This week we bring you one "comings and goings," some additions to our ongoing investigation of health promotion training and education opportunities, and a pointer to a recent CLICK4HP thread on oral health services.

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II Comings and Goings

A. News from the Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs (FRP Canada) is pleased to announce the appointment of David W. Young as Executive Director. David brings extensive experience with the BC government to his new position with FRP Canada, an organization committed to advancing social policy, research, resource development and training for those who enhance the capacity of families to raise their children.

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III More Opportunities for Education and Training in Health Promotion

Here is a quick round up of additional programs brought to our attention :

* UBC's new Certificate in International Development Program

Are you preparing for work in a health related field with a developing country? Do you want to know more about the issues impacting health and development around the world? UBC has two new courses designed to give you the knowledge and skills to prepare you for working in this demanding field. Both instructor-led part-time courses are 100% online, so you can participate from anywhere in the world. Courses are comprised of 20 hours of course work, spread over six weeks.

Of particular interest to health promoters are the Introduction to International Health & Development, 100% Online Course Starts Monday, April 5, 2004, Registration Deadline: March 29, 2004, and

Issues in International Health Delivery, 100% Online Course Starts Monday July 5, 2004, Registration Deadline: June 29, 2004.

For more information on either course or the Certificate in International Development visit

* Two Online Mentoring Resources

Toronto CED website links to a document on online mentoring for the Virtual Volunteering Project, by Jayne Craven, available at

Visit an award winning and popular site for comprehensive, non-commercial information on mentoring at

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IV A Conversation on Oral Health Services on CLICK4HP

As a follow up to OHPE Bulletin #310.1, Access to Oral Health Services--The Stories and Actions in Two Cities, from May 16, 2003 (, readers may be interested in the following discussion thread from CLICK4HP: Poverty and Oral Health symposium and related articles,