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Thaw the Chill on Advocacy by Charities: An IMPACS Charities and Democracy Project Workshop

9:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

519 Church St Community Centre (519 Church St, Toronto)

If your organization has been reluctant to speak to politicians, write policy papers or get involved in public debates about important issues for fear of "crossing the line" with the CRA, this workshop is for you. In this one day workshop, you will learn what your charity can and can't do within the new Canada Revenue Agency guidelines on "political activities," how to apply these guidelines to real-life scenarios, how to get more involved in shaping the policies that affect your

organization's ability to deliver service and work effectively in your community, how to help your Board or senior leadership get involved in public policy development, and how to work more effectively with the CRA.

The workshop, hosted by Toronto Neighbourhood Centres, and funded by the United Way of Greater Toronto, includes lunch, snacks, and a package of reference materials. It is free, however if you wish to make a voluntary contribution of $10-15 at the event it would help offset costs.

Register at (then choose Toronto-downtown workshop location; workshops are also being arranged in North York, Etobicoke and Scarborough). For more information, contact Rob Howarth, Toronto Neighbourhood Centres, at, or Kay Leung, (604) 682-1953 x111 or