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HC Link legacy report: Celebrating the Power of Communities

Since 2009, Health Nexus, Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition (OHCC) and Parent Action on Drugs (PAD) have collaborated as HC Link, providing consulting services, resources and learning and networking events, in English and French. Our services have supported groups, organizations and partnerships across Ontario to build, strengthen and sustain healthy, vibrant communities.

After nearly a decade of working with people to develop their confidence, skills and connections, our time has come to an end. HC Link’s funding and operations end effective March 31, 2018. HC Link resources, webinar slides and recordings as well as other information will continue to be available on the HC Link website until June 2019.

Endings are a time for reflection. To mark HC Link’s closing, we look back and celebrate our contribution to healthy communities in Ontario in our final publication, Celebrating the Power of Communities: It is also available in French:

We are honoured by the strong relationships we have built with our many partners, stakeholders and clients in communities throughout Ontario, and proud of the great work we have accomplished together. We wish you continued success in taking action on the issues affecting the health and wellbeing of your communities.

While HC Link has closed, Health Nexus, OHCC, and PAD will continue their work in healthy communities and health promotion.

To learn more about their work, please contact:

Health Nexus
416-408-2249 / 1-800-397-9567 

Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition
416-408-4841 / 1-800-766-3418  

Parent Action on Drugs
416-395-4970 / 1-877-265-9279