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Collaboration Essentials: Making Things Happen Together

In today's environment of growing needs and shrinking resources, it's no wonder that interest in collaboration and partnership building is perhaps higher than ever. And, the fact that more and more funders expect--even demand--it is certainly fuelling that interest. But, the desire to work together doesn't make it easy, nor does it guarantee success. Based on the latest research into what makes collaboration work, this workshop will increase your effectiveness in all of your partnering efforts. You will expand your capacity to collaborate by learning how to assess readiness for collaboration--yours and others'--and prevent predictable failure, translate proven principles of effective collaboration into practical strategies, define clearly the boundaries and minimum requirements for success in a collaborative venture, manage collaborative performance through the life cycle of a collaborative project and identify and address the most common problems that occur at each stage of the process.

This workshop is designed as a 'journey' covering a complete cycle of collaboration from concept to completion. Brief presentations are interspersed with practical small-group assignments. The result will be greater capacity for collaborative effectiveness, deeper insight into the challenges you will face and how to respond to them and greater confidence in undertaking such ventures.

For more information and to register, call Healthy Futures Group (905) 569 8474 or visit Workshop fee is $99/day. Discounts for multiple registrations are available!