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Capturing Value: Cost Effectiveness of Heath and Social Services

Limited to 24 participants, this intensive 3.5 day CIEE training session will provide advanced instruction in economic evaluation by two of the most prominent and published international experts in the field--Dr. Amiram Gafni and Dr. Stephen Birch.

Participants can expect pre-course reading materials and a complete resource binder and instruction on the key principles and models used in economic evaluations, utilizing economic evaluation as management decision making tool, how to assess different approaches and evaluations used in other public and non-profit sectors and individual and small group time to discuss the evaluation of a particular program or service of interest to them or their sponsor.

This opportunity will be of special interest to health promotion specialists, program supervisors and sponsors, financial managers, executive directors and all those who specialize in program evaluation (consultants, etc.).

Space is limited. If you are interested, please visit and follow the CIEE page for further information.

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