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Locally Driven Collaborative Projects Cycle 5: What you need to know and how to get involved, PHO

September 20, 2017

The Locally Driven Collaborative Projects (LDCP) program brings public health units together to develop and run research projects on critical public health issues of shared interest, and connect with academics, students, and organizations that are doing related work. Since the program began in 2011, PHO has supported 23 teams to collaboratively develop their ideas into research questions, design a research protocol, implement their projects, and share their findings.

Cycle 5 of the LDCP program is about to launch, and now is your chance to get involved. Priority setting is underway, and we are reaching out to public health units (PHUs) to submit ideas for potential LDCP projects.  This next cycle of LDCP projects gives PHUs a unique opportunity to identify applied research and evaluation questions that align with current priorities, notably those emerging from the modernized Ontario Standards for Public Health Programs and Services (OSPHPS).

This webinar will provide:

  • An overview of the LDCP program and how to get involved
  • The basics on project requirements and key dates for cycle 5
  • Information about the ongoing cycle 5 priority setting process – what we’ve done so far, and what we’re asking PHUs to do next

This session is open to PHU staff, academics, students, and community organizations who are interested in learning more about LDCP and potentially getting involved in cycle 5. For more information on LDCP, you can visit our website at and visit to register for the webinar.