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New Resources—Protecting Older Adults from Extreme Heat, Active Aging Canada and Health Canada

Active Aging Canada is working with Health Canada to help reach older adults, and those who work with older adults, to raise awareness about how to protect their health from extreme heat.

There have been a number of hot days across Canada this summer and recent research is showing a significant increase in the number of extreme heat events across the country. While warm weather can be fun indoors and out, heat can turn dangerous if you don't take a few precautions. Studies have shown that older adults are among the most affected by extreme heat. This group can have a decreased ability to sense heat and adapt behaviour appropriately while also being more likely to have a chronic illness, which may increase their risks of suffering from a heat-related illness.

Please take a moment to look on line at the Health Canada brochure "It's way too hot! Protect Yourself from Extreme Heat" to learn more about staying healthy in the heat.

There are also many ways to order additional paper copies of the publication at no cost:

More information about extreme heat and health can also be found on the Health Canada website:

Older adults also are more likely to be affected by air pollution, due to pre-existing or undiagnosed respiratory or cardiovascular health conditions. Older adults can find out what air quality conditions are in their community and learn more about air quality and health at

We hope you find these resources of interest.