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RFP – Implementation of the modernized standards within Oxford County, Oxford County Public Health & Emergency Services

Woodstock, Ontario
Deadline May 12, 2017

Oxford County Public Health & Emergency Services
Oxford County, Ontario
May 1, 2017
Submission Deadline:  Friday, May 12, 2017


As a County that thinks ahead and wisely shapes the future, the goal of this project is to support the Oxford County Public Health leadership team to develop a vision of the future organizational state for implementation of the new Standards for Public Health Programs and Services.   

Local public health is a department of Oxford County and is governed by County Council. Oxford County Public Health programs and services are delivered by 75 front-line staff and 10 managers. We employ a shared leadership model with a chief executive officer responsible for the day-to-day management and administration of the department and an acting medical officer of health responsible for public health concerns. We have three organizational divisions: Foundational Standards, Health Promotion (including dental, family health, and population health), and Health Protection (including environmental health, infectious disease prevention & control, sexual health, and vaccine preventable diseases).  County corporate services provides shared administrative services as well as emergency planning.

As part of the broader health system transformation efforts the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care undertook the modernization of the Ontario Public Health Standards (OPHS 2008).  On February 17, 2017, the Standards for Public Health Programs and Services Consultation Document was shared with the public health sector for review.  Upon approval by the Minister, the modernized Standards for Public Health Programs and Services will establish the goals, program outcomes and requirements of local boards of health within an integrated health system effective January 2018.  

There are a number of key changes noted between the Ontario Public Health Standards 2008 (OPHS) and the new modernized Standards for Public Health Programs and Services Consultation Document 2017. The OPHS 2008 contained 13 program standards and 1 Foundational Standard. The modernized Standards 2017 contain 12 standards.  As a result of the changes the total number of requirements has decreased from 148 (OPHS 2008) to 100 (modernized Standards 2017) which includes the addition of some new standards and requirements and the removal of others. In addition to the modernized Standards, a new Public Health Accountability Framework is being developed including the introduction of a new requirement for health units to submit an Annual Service Plan as part of the budget process.   The Annual Service Plan will provide a description of the public health interventions which the health unit will implement based on local needs and priorities related to three (3) of the standards (Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention, Wellness and Substance Misuse, Healthy Growth and Development and  School Health).
Oxford County Public Health has proposed a five stage process for implementation of the modernized standards specifically:

Stage 1: Describe the modernized state of Oxford County Public Health
Stage 2: Identify what conditions, knowledge, skills and infrastructure are needed to implement it
Stage 3: Create an implementation plan
Stage 4: Implement and adapt the plan
Stage 5: Evaluate the process (understood to begin early in the process)

This request for proposals pertains primarily to proposed activities to be carried out in Stage 1 including input gathering, summarizing input, clarifying issue areas, describing potential scenarios that fulfill the modernized state vision and assessment and consideration of each of the scenarios (e.g., through the application of PEST(LE), SWOT assessments).

A number of existing resources will be made available to the selected consultant to assist with their work including:

  • analysis of the changes in the Standards
  • current functional model of Oxford County Public Health
  • organizational chart
  • examples of how other peer health units are organizing themselves for program delivery

Project Overview


The goal of the project is to support the implementation of the modernization of the Standards with Oxford County Public Health.  We are seeking the services of a project consultant.

Required Deliverables:

  • Consult with Public Health Leaders (managers/ supervisors) on the development of the process for implementation of the new Standards within Oxford County Public Health.
  • Provide a written work plan.
  • Facilitate input from public health staff (approximately 75 staff) and public health leadership (10 managers)  including facilitating staff focus groups, providing a mechanism to collect anonymous feedback, integrating the review and analysis of the results into a report to be provided to the management group to facilitate the process for implementation.
  • Conduct a consultation meeting with Public Health Leaders to discuss the results of the focus groups (suggest face-to-face but could be done by telephone or webinar).
  • Facilitate a dialogue among public health leaders to discuss and decide on possible end state scenarios for maximizing resource allocation for implementation of the modernized standards providing three potential scenarios for consideration. Facilitate a discussion with managers to assess the potential and risks associated with each option (suggest one day, face-to-face meeting).
  • Provide a presentation (suggest face-to-face but could be done by telephone or webinar) and summarized report, analysis and recommendations for the options for the development of an implementation plan.

Preferred Skills:

  • advanced facilitation skills
  • experience working through change processes with senior leadership and front-line staff
  • ability to analyze and synthesize information from different sources
  • demonstrated critical thinking and synthesis skills
  • advanced report writing skill
  • excellent meeting management, written and verbal communication skills
  • demonstrated ability to work to timelines
  • knowledge of the public health sector

Submission Details


  • Proposal not to exceed 10 pages including:  proposed work plan, program deliverables, timelines budget and any potential conflicts of interest.
  • Curriculum vitae and cover letter outlining related project experience and references (upon request).


  • Deadline for submission Friday, May 12 at 4:00 by email to contact listed below.
  • Selected candidates will be interviewed the week of May 15.
  • Project anticipated to begin June 5, with a required completion date of June 29, 2017.

Location of the Work:

Consultants will be required to communicate with the project leads on a regular basis during the project.  Some travel to Oxford County is required to fulfill the deliverables. Costs associated with communication modes, travel and accommodations should be included in the proposed budget.


Quotations for consultants seeking to complete this project should submit a detailed budget not to exceed $7,500.

Criteria for assessment:

  1. The merit of the proposals will be assessed based on the following categories:
  2. Project understanding and methodology
  3. Success with projects of similar size and complexity
  4. Timelines
  5. Proposed fee structure
  6. Organizational fit (based on references/interviews)

For information and RFP submission please contact:

Ruth Sanderson, Manager, Foundational Standards
Oxford County Public Health
410 Buller Street
Woodstock, Ontario, N4S 4N2
Phone: 519-539-9800, or 1-800-755-0394 ext. 3454