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Mapping It Out with Logic Models, Cochrane Canada Live Webinar

March 22, 2011

0900 Vancouver, 1200 Ottawa

Does your systematic review include many different settings, populations, or interventions?    Would  you  like  to  show  policymakers,  practitioners,  andpatients how a complex intervention works or identify barriers/facilitators for implementation?

Learn about ways to use logic models in systematic reviews.

Speakers: Erin Ueffing and Laurie Anderson

Click on the webinar URL as early as 30 minutes before session start:

This webinar will be conducted in English.

You will need a computer with Internet access and speakers.  A microphone is optional.  Elluminate will prompt  you to install Java Web Start (free) as needed.

Presented by the Campbell & Cochrane Equity Methods Group ( and the Cochrane Public Health Review Group (

Thank  you  to  the  Pan  American  Health Organization / World Health Organization for providing Elluminate Live!® to conduct these webinars.