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iCANwalk Campaign Tools and Resources Now Available

If you are planning a physical activity campaign in 2011, consider using the iCANwalk Pledge as a tool to motivate participants and help you measure the success of your campaign. The iCANwalk Pledge can be used in a community wide campaign, in the workplace to challenge coworkers or to encourage families to get active together. The pledge has a built in calculator that tallies the total number of km walked, litres of gas saved, $ saved and greenhouse gas emission reductions over a week, month and year. Another great feature of  this tool is that Green Communities Canada can give you before and after campaign statistics so that you know how many people in your health unit region actually took the Pledge and the impact of their behaviour change (information available upon request). There are also 11X17 colour iCANwalk posters that you can download from the website to help get your message out.  
These tools and resources are available free from the iCANwalk website,

We appreciate knowing about your plans and are interested in hearing stories from individuals and communities, so keep in touch!

For more information, please contact Kate Hall at