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The Health Communication Unit Transition to the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion

As of April 1, 2011, the services provided by The Health Communication Unit will be transitioning to the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion [].

In addition to the What's New pages, ongoing information may also be found on the web pages of the Health Promotion Chronic Disease Injury Prevention section of OAHPP at

THCU will continue with all services and commitments through March 31, as we have in the past.

We are also making commitments for various regional workshops, presentation and consultations into the next fiscal year, and providing this information to the OAHPP, who will assign individuals and provide the services. Planning for our Skills for Health Promotion provincial workshops and our webinar series are also moving forward, and announcements about these will be made by the OAHPP early in the next fiscal year.

We will communicate more as things unfold, to ensure that our products, services and partnerships continue.