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Keeping kids safe at home, at play, and on the road


I Overview of Child Injuries in Ontario
II Safe Kids Week: At Home, at Play, and on the Road
III Child Injury Prevention Training and Resources
IV Data Sources

--Submitted by Stephanie Cowle, Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre (OIPRC) and Julie Taylor, Parachute

I Overview of Child Injuries in Ontario

Risk factors for varicella susceptibility among refugees to Toronto, Canada


I Background
II Methods
III Results
IV Discussion
V Conclusions

Submitted by

Nutrition Resource Centre’s (NRC) Top Food and Nutrition Trends from 2015

Submitted by Barb Prud’homme

The Nutrition Resource Centre (NRC) has developed a summary of what we believe are some of the most influential highlights and news stories from the field of healthy eating and nutrition from 2015. Here’s what we found:

Consumption of products high in added sugar was discouraged

Addressing challenges of evaluating health communication campaigns


I Introduction
II Health communication evaluation challenges
III Comprehensive evaluation efforts to address challenges
IV Demonstrating causal inference in health communication efforts
V Conclusion

--Submitted by Sophie Rosa

I Introduction