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OHPE Bulletin 217, Volume 2001, No. 217

OHPE Bulletin #217.2 7/20/01

The following resources were submitted by Colleen Logue, manager of the Nutrition Resource Centre to accompany the feature article "What Works?" in OHPE bulletin #217.1

Last week we posted information on the Eyes Wide Open: Breast Cancer and the Environment Conference. The organizers of the conference would like to add an acknowledgment of the finanicial support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. To see the original announcement, please visit RRENT.

In this week's feature, Colleen Logue, manager of the Nutrition Resource Centre reviews the process used to develop "What Works in Nutrition Promotion Catalogue of Nutrition Practice Profiles," an effort to designate and disseminate effective/promising programs. She presents the challenges, learnings and realities of practice.

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