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Ethics and evidence generation: Steps to guide public health evaluations and promote ethical reflection throughout the lifecycle of an evaluation


I  Introduction
II What guides ethical reflection and practice?
III Three steps to incorporate ethical reflection into an evaluation
IV Lifecycle of an Evaluation: Ethical Considerations and Strategies
V Conclusion

--Submitted by Kim Bergeron, Charoula Tsamis, Allison Meserve

I  Introduction

Health Links: the Impact of Care Coordination for Patients with Complex Needs on Hospital Utilization


I Introduction
II Overview
III Methods
IV Results
V Discussion and Conclusion
VI Resources

--Submitted by Meghan O’Leary, MSc, Manager of Primary Health Care and Lead for Salmon River Health Link, Kingston Community Health Centres, and Laurissa Watson, MPH, Research Assistant, Kingston Community Health Centres

I Introduction

Finding Traction in Public Health Ethics: Reflections and Practical Resources

--Submitted by Michael Keeling and Olivier Bellefleur, National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy (NCCHPP)