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Learnings from Six New Landmark Active Transportation Case Studies on the Tools of Change Website


I Summary
II Introduction to the Case Studies
III Citizen/Customer Orientation
IV Audience / Participant Targeting and Segmentation
V Relationship Building, Engagement and Exchange
VI Program Results
VII Learnings
VIII Further Details and Additional Resources

--submitted by Jay Kassirer, General Manager, Tools of Change; President, Cullbridge Marketing and Communications

Social Isolation: A community based health promotion intervention


I Introduction – Social Isolation
II Health Effects
III Community Organizing
IV Case Study – Metro Vancouver Alliance
V Discussion
VI Resources
VII References

-- Submitted by Claire Lepine, masters of public health student at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto

I Introduction – Social Isolation

Refugee Health Cuts: The Context, The Current Coverage, and The Call to Action


I Introduction
II The context
III The current coverage
IV The call to action
V Resources

--Submitted by Ritika Goel

I Introduction

What happens when a government decides that instead of protecting and providing for the most marginalized people in the society, it will instead attack and deny services to them? The 2012 cuts to the refugee health program in Canada have been an exercise in determining exactly that.

Two Articles: Engaging communities in the design and use of their streets and Sexual health promotion for youth through telemedicine

Engaging communities in the design and use of their streets




I Introduction
II Turning transportation infrastructure into social infrastructure
III Small-scale changes, big health impact
IV Challenges and solutions
V Concluding thoughts
VI Resources            
VII References

--Submitted by Nadha Hassen

I Introduction